Norris & Son: Refractory is In Our Blood

For over 70 years, Norris & Son, Inc. has been providing refractory services throughout the United States.

Partners in the world of industry. We understand what you need in a refractory contractor; simplicity. You simply need us to have the technical knowledge to make an effective repair to your equipment. You simply need us to be highly trained safety specialists in our scope of repairs and your unique work environent. You simply need us to fit well within your budget. You simply need us to work hand in hand with other trades.

Norris and Son, Inc simply delivers these things, consistently, to our clients. Since 1947, we have evolved with the industries we service, in order to provide the most cost effective and durable refractory linings possible. From the conventional coal fired steam plant, to the latest in biomass energy production, Norris and Son, Inc has kept ahead of the curve in educating our company in order to be able to offer innovative refractory solutions.

Whether it’s rammed plastic, gunite, shotcrete, shop or field casting, ceramic fiber modules, or standard firebrick, our company, our craftsmen, are your experts.

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Industries We Support

We work in virtually every industry that has refractory as a part of its process. Our customers range from small, one-person forges to the largest utility companies in the world. Our goal is to provide the best value and service to each of our clients, while working safely and getting the job done on time. The core of our company is second and third-generation refractory experts who are passionate about the craft and customer service.


Norris & Son, Inc. supports some of the largest energy producers in the Southeast to help keep your lights on.


New systems to get energy from alternative and greener fuels can be a significant investment into new territory. Norris & Son, Inc. knows how to minimize your capital investment into green technologies while increasing the longevity of your lining – and ultimately the lifespan of the system as a whole. Go with a partner that knows alternative fuel. Go with Norris & Son.

Basic Industries

Casting. Forging. Smelting. Reclaiming. Incinerating. Norris & Son, Inc. has more experience in more industries than nearly any other refractory contractor anywhere.

Pulp & Paper

Some of the region’s oldest paper mills have changed hands three or four times. But one thing that has been a constant for them is their reliance on Norris & Son, Inc. during every shutdown. From the Lime Kiln to the recovery boiler to the dissolving tank, Norris & Son, Inc. knows the system, the right refractories, and the need to work with your other contractors. On schedule. On budget. Every time.

Services We Provide

Among other services, we build refractories using the following processes and technology:

Shotcrete and Gunite Linings

Plastic Refractory


Ceramic Fiber Modules/Blanket

Robotic Demolition

Full Brick Linings


Mechanical Work to Support Refractory Repairs

Pre-cast Shapes

Rotary Kilns

Biomass Units

Thermal Scanning/Energy Audits

We would love to hear from you. If you have any questions or refractory project needs, please feel free to contact us at (423) 624-7317 today.

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