Services We Provide

Whether it’s a biofuel conversion project or a harsh waste-to-heat environment, Norris & Son, Inc. has the professional experience to support you to the successful completion of your project. On time, every time.

Our field crews have extensive experience in boilers, furnaces, kilns and process units. Our union craftspeople have the skills needed to solve your refractory problem. While we will service virtually any refractory project, the following are the core industries that we have built our reputation on:

We have been in power boilers throughout the Southeast United States. Power Plants and Boiler maker contractors alike consult Norris and Son, Inc on OEM refractory specifications, improvements in refractory from those specifications, and unique recommendations for refractories when modifications are made. With over 60 years experience working in the power generation and energy industry, the leadership at Norris and Son, Inc have the knowledge and expertise to be your go to Refractory Installer and provider.

In the last decade, Norris and Son, Inc. has seen the introduction of BFB (Bubbling Fluidized Bottom) and CFB (Continuous Fluidized Bottom) boilers to answer the need in the industrial market to burn alternative and biomass fuel sources. Norris and Son, Inc. has had the opportunity to be in the build of these alternative fuel source boilers since their proliferation in the marketplace. With the increase in more stringent environmental regulation, this type of alternative fuel power generation is becoming more attractive to many different industries.

Whereas most Refractory Contractors have had little to no exposure to these specialized refractory environments, Norris and Son, Inc. has extensive experience in the Bio and alternative fuel element.

Norris and Son, Inc. is the preferred refractory contractor in a diverse range of industries. From Foundries, Lime plants, Oil heaters, to Drop Forges and incinerators. Our field leadership team has the combined experience of over 355 combined years of experience in a variety different backgrounds in general industry.

  1. Metals: Aluminum, Zinc & Steel Furnaces
  2. Rotary Kilns: Lime & Cement
  3. Power: Boilers & Ash Handling Systems
  4. Incineration/Waste-to-Energy
  5. Medical Waste Units
  6. Pulp & Paper: Recovery Boilers & Kilns
  7. Biomass: Pellet Plants, BFBs, CFBs, Co-Gen & Combined Cycle Units

Norris and Son, Inc. has a long and rich history in refractory and industry that is very important to us. As important is the future. Norris and Son, Inc. has taken on the responsibility of being good environmental stewards, and has committed to focusing our vision on sustainable energy technology. Because of which, we have had the opportunity to help engineer refractory linings in many unique vessels.

  1. Gasifiers
  2. Bubbling Fluidized Bed boilers (BFB’s)
  3. Continuous Fluidized Bed Boilers (CFB’s)
  4. Cogeneration Units
  5. Combined Cycle Units
  6. Biomass Boilers

Norris and Son, Inc. has a reputation and relationship with the paper industry that dates almost as far back as the Kraft process does itself. And whether your mill is 20 years old, or 100 years old, Norris and Son, Inc. understands the process and how to keep you getting the most out of it. We have experience in every type of recovery boiler in use. We have the manpower and equipment to maintain your boiler system and your lime kiln simultaneously. We have the equipment and the dedication to be there to gunite that hot spot in the kiln to keep you online until the shutdown.

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