There is a lot of talk about safety in industry and construction today. With Norris and Son, Inc it's more than talk. It's the way we do business. 

We can watch the videos, and we can buy the PPE. Unless we live it at Norris and Son, Inc., safety is just another buzz word. And at Norris and Son, Inc., we do live it. We believe that a project is not successful, no matter how profitable it is, unless everyone makes it home safely. From confined space entry, to hazard communication, our workers are alert, trained, and motivated to be safe. Safety is our culture.


Our employees receive OSHA 10 training at a minimum. Norris and Son, Inc. retains an authorized OSHA trainer on staff, who is available to all crews to answer questions and make sure all personnel receive the training they need for the environment they will be working in. Our employees are annually trained in confined space entry, fall protection, respiratory protection, and hazard communication to name just a few of our training topics. Our field supervisors carry a USB drive with all of our safety manual literature and SDS of all of the refractories we use. That's a small indicator of the level of commitment we have.

When we arrive on the job, we will do a tool box safety meeting. We do this no matter the size of the job, every day. We keep safety at the forefront of our employees' minds from the start of the day till the end. The foreman will complete a job safety analysis as needed to make sure the tasks of a project are done safely. These records are maintained and audited at our home office to ensure that we are doing the safest practices possible.