Since 1947, Norris Son, Inc. has operated as a full services Refractory Contractor with offices located in Chattanooga, Tennessee


Partners in the world of industry. We understand what you need in a refractory contractor; simplicity. You simply need us to have the technical knowledge to make an effective repair to your equipment. You simply need us to be highly trained safety specialists in our scope of repairs and your unique work environent. You simply need us to fit well within your budget. You simply need us to work hand in hand with other trades. 

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Norris and Son, Inc simply delivers these things, consistently, to our clients. Since 1947, we have evolved with the industries we service, in order to provide the most cost effective and durable refractory linings possible. From the conventional coal fired steam plant, to the latest in biomass energy production, Norris and Son, Inc has kept ahead of the curve in educating our company in order to be able to offer innovative refractory solutions.

Whether it's rammed plastic, gunnite, shotcrete, shop or field casting, cermaic fiber modules, or standard firebrick, our company, our craftsmen, are your experts.  

For more information about our company, feel free to download our brochure.